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Rod always gets me back running on the track again. I can’t recommend him enough.

Dougie Donald, M50 100m British Champion

I have been a patient of Rod’s for over 10 years and his treatment has got me to and through numerous championships with very satisfying results. As well as treating injuries, his ability to identify and work on other potential problems has helped me to continue competing at the highest level and defy the advice and predictions of surgeons and consultants. There is no doubt that I owe much of my success to his skill, knowledge and advice. Over the years I have needed large amounts of all three, being a determined but impatient and not always sensible competitor.

Tony Wells (former international athlete and winner of many European and World Masters titles)

I have been using therapists like Rod for 20 years and just sorry I never found him before, he is the BEST!!

Georgina Jennings

I have found Rod to be a superb Therapist who has excellent knowledge in dealing with my back problems. He is very thorough and practical when it comes to injuries. Rod has furthermore, given excellent advice on how to achieve the best results when recovering from an injury. Knows what rehab excercises to give. I would definitely recommend him.

Jim Green.

I have been coming to see Rod now for the best part of a year and he seems to know my body better than I do!! He can sees things from my athletes point of view and thanks to him I can keep pushing my body week in and week out.

Kirk Brawn Triathlete.

I have found Rod's knowledge and expertise to be invaluable. In the two years I have been having treatment my running has improved to a new level. I have and indeed will continue to recommend Rod to anyone with any problems of a physical nature.

P. Markham

I cannot recommend Rod highly enough. I have managed to remain injury free for over 2 years now by having regular treatments. This is despite running competitively in my 50's. Rod manages my weary old body in such a way that I can still compete and most importantly enjoy my training.

Eamann Dorling, Thorney Running Club

I was recommended to Rod Dunn by the wife of the purchaser of our mower. she had commented on our garden and I said due to lower back pains it was becoming almost impossible to maintain. The lady explained that she had been suffering a similar problem and her doctor had not been able to prescribe anything to relieve the pain. Following treatment with Rod she has felt much better.

The first time I visited Rod I was somewhat unsure that he would be able to help me and relieve the night time pain in my legs. However following the first visit I began to feel much improved. After more treatment the pain has subsided to a manageable level.

Since that time I have visited Rod monthly for on-going "maintenance" and he has treated me for various ailments connected with legs, shoulders, knees and elbows.

He is always welcoming, friendly and immediately puts one at ease. Sometimes the treatment has to be painful to remedy the cause however I know that given time the treatment will work.

I would not hesitate to recommend Rod to anyone who needs treatment/relief for sporting injuries, excess gardening etc.

Mrs B.A. Allsebrook

Bloody Hell did I swear but for all the right reasons!!!

Marcel. A. Wilson

Rod's treatment is second to none. With one session he relieved my trapped nerve allowing me to continue to exercise and work pain free. Highly recommended and worth the journey.

J. Smith (Corby)

Very thorough diagnosis and pleased with aftercare treatment advised to do. Recommended to friends.

Vicci Burns (Tennis-elbow type injury)

Rod really knows his stuff. He gives good advice whilst administering effective physiotherapy and is pleasant with it.

John Gilligan

I have been coming to Rod for help with my back for a number of years. I am extremely impressed with his knowledge, expertise, help and support he has provided. I recommend him to all my friends and family.

Lisa Marie Butler

I didn't need an operation for Tennis elbow because of Rod's treatment. A side effect is I get very few Migraines now. Thank you.

Lynda Wood

I had a persistent neck and shoulder pain owing to extended usage of a lap top and PC over the years. A keen golfer, I was prevented from playing by this affliction. Rod has provided relief from the pain and I fully expect to be fully fit once more after a few more sessions. I am happy to say that I am back playing Golf again without any impediment. Thanks a lot Rod.

Nick Harrison

Rod treated me for a lower back pain last year, I went on to run a half marathon and now regularly compete in Triathlons. I am positive Rod's treatments have enabled me to continue participating in my sport.

Neil T