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The techniques that Wendy uses to treat sports injuries, postural/work problems and pre and post surgical rehabilitation include a unique combination of methods. When using sports massage techniques Wendy uses a light hyperallergelic massage medium that does not stain clothes or leave you feeling like you are covered in baby oil. Or if you would rather not undress then Wendy’s techniques can work through light clothing.

Other techniques include Fascial remodelling and trigger point therapy along with a number of electrotherapy modalities such as inferential therpay and short/long wave ultrasound.

Wendy also provides rehabilitation and postural advice providing free self help exercises. Although already a qualified athletics coach she is at present training to to become a Personal trainer to further enhance her knowledge of exercise and rehabilitation.


Has worked as a manual therapist for over 10 years, treating a wide range of complaints, including sports injuries, postural/work related problems such as sciatica, frozen shoulder, neck, hip and lower back pain.


MAAF, Advanced Diploma in Sports Massage, Athletics Coach.

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Home Tel: 01733 321185 mobile :07989 335050


Wendy Dunn at work Wendy Dunn at work